Will Facebook Subscriptions change things up?

Facebook Subscribe Button
You will see a Subscribe button on Facebook Profiles that have opted-in.

Facebook announced a new opt-in feature today that allows Facebook users to enable subscriptions to their Public posts to anyone without any “Friendship” being necessary.

Some sites are touting the Subscribe button to be a win for journalists who had both a personal profile on Facebook and a Facebook page. I think the new feature will be useful to those who want to share with others but also want to limit some sharing to just friends.

The question though is Facebook adding new features simply to combat Google+ popularity among Journalists, Bloggers and even Celebrities? How will Google respond to these attempts to one-up Google+ and how long can a back and forth volley of features go on before it annoys some users?

Facebook Subscription Page
Facebook Subscription Page


Although I’m using Facebook less and less now that Google+ has launched I personally will use the Subscriptions feature on Facebook because I think it will minimize the amount of time I need to spend on Facebook while allocating more time to Google+ and Twitter.