Happy Birthday Ubuntu

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Happy Birthday Ubuntu!

Today Ubuntu is 7-Years-Old and I couldn’t be happier at the progress it has made over the years.  I feel that Ubuntu brings something to the table that no other Linux Distro or Operating System can and that is a solid community of people who contribute and come from so many different walks of life and speak so many different languages.

Coincidentally, Today is also the Americas Regional Board Membership Meeting and I have my Ubuntu Membership Application on the agenda because I felt it was the right time to apply after contributing for so long. Although I do not personally feel the application process or membership is like applying for a job but instead it is an official recognition and nod from peers in the community as to one’s sustained contributions over-time.

In any case here is Mark Shuttleworth and everyone else who has made Ubuntu a possibility!


Words of Celebration from the Community:

Jono Bacon:  

Seven years ago Ubuntu 4.10, the Warty Warthog, was released. It was the very first Ubuntu release.

I remember when it came out, feeling like this was the right step forward for Linux and Free Software. While the technology looked awesome (removable USB with automatic mounting, woo!), and it was built on the rock that is Debian, the community-orientated nature of Ubuntu right out the gate filled in the complete picture for me.

Since then I believe Ubuntu has become a defining technology, and we have only just begun. Here’s to the next seven years!

Happy birthday, Ubuntu, thanks to Mark Shuttleworth for investing so heavily Free Software, and to Mark and the original Ubuntu team for creating a release that inspired so many of us to develop such a passion to join the Ubuntu journey! 

Adnan Quaium:

Seven years ago, on the 20th of October, 2004, Mark Shuttleworth and the warm-hearted Warthogs of the Warty Teamannounced the first official Ubuntu release –Ubuntu 4.10, code name “Warty Warthog”. That was only the first representative in a line of operating systems that were made by the human beings for the human beings, aiming to let non-tech normal people use Linux.

Happy Birthday Ubuntu!

From that day on, Ubuntu is continuing to gain more popularity, fascinating the computer world steadily and expanding its’ user base each day. Today Ubuntu hasmore than 12 millions users with a vision of achieving more than 200 millions of users within 2015. Way to go Ubuntu – Good Luck!