Happy New Years…. Make It a Great One!

2012 is going to be a blast!As I watch the New Year’s celebrations around the world I cant help but wonder what successes and failures we as the inhabitants of this earth will face in 2012. I’m certain many will be preoccupied with a variety of things from counting down the days till another predicted end of days to those just living life to its fullest.

New Year’s comes with a special tradition of making resolutions that you hope to achieve in the coming year and I have a few of my own to share and they are:

  • Implement a healthy diet & workout regimen
  • Learn Python (Programming Language)
  • Develop a Unity Lens
  • Volunteer 40 hours at a charity that helps low-income families
  • Attend Ubuntu Developer Summit in the Spring

I think 2011 for many has been a tough year with plenty of uncertainty and lots of momentum and although I do not think 2012 will be a better year for the world I just hope that their are less conflicts around the world and more peace. I think in the United States 2012 is going to either be a year of much change in our government and way of life or it will just be “Business as Usual” and Americans will continue to lose spirit and struggle harder.

Best wishes to everyone and hopefully your celebrations tonight are safe :)