GoGrid Tries to Charge Me $84.36 for 1 Hour 30 Minute Cloud Instance


Update: GoGrid’s Director of Customer Support reached me today and apologized for the handling of my request for substantiating the bill and we discussed how the problem occurred. GoGrid is refunding the statement so I will not be charged.

So GoGrid sent me some blanket Advertising e-mail a few months back for a $100 promo credit if I signup and try their service so I gave it a whirl and was going to deploy a quick WordPress Instance with Nginx running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but their Web Interface was pretty horrible and it was honestly something I was not going to use more than that one time so I shutdown the instance in just under two hours and deleted the instance.

I then sent a e-mail requesting they cancel the account which they ignored and then a couple of months down the road I get a canned e-mail informing me that had an outstanding bill. Each time I tried to ask their Support Chat why I had a bill they essentially tried to redirect me to accounting and instead I reached another rep who asked me to call their accounting.

I finally got to calling their Accounting Department today and David R. (Last Name Redacted at Request of GoGrid) of their company was unable to help me furthermore when I asked them to substantiate the $84.36 bill based on their current pricing he very professionally tried to blow me off at which point I got upset and I asked him to transfer me to someone in management which he responded with “A manager is not going to be able to help you”.

Anyways I am pretty sure that someone in GoGrid management will see this and I wan’t to lay out some pretty simple math based on your pricing:

1 Cloud Instance for 1 Hour and 30 Minutes:

$.06 per hour for a .5 GB server

$.12 per hour for RAM unit

$0.18 x 2 (we will round the hours up) = $0.36

So how did you guys really get $84.36?

Apparently I am not the first one to be played a fool by GoGrid’s Horrible Customer Service and Horrible Billing Practices:










  1. says

    Hi Benjamin,
    I personally want to apologize for your experience. If you indeed only used the server for a couple of hours and fully deleted it and there were no other servers running or deployed (even in a stopped state), then you are correct in your assumptions. I will follow up with our accounting team to see if we can get to the bottom of this and rectify the situation. Please do remember that if a server is deployed, even in an “off” state, it is reserving resourcing with our system. In order to not be charged for a server (in an “on” or “off” state, you need to fully delete it – http://j.mp/GCMm9o).
    We will get back to you shortly with more information. I do appreciate the time you took to bring this to our attention.
    Thank you!
    – Michael Sheehan

  2. says

    I hate when companies behave like this.  Someone should have gotten with accounting to get to the bottom of it long before it became a public outcry on the web.

  3. Kelly says

    Sounds like they made a horrible decision by providing bad customer service and not resolving this.

  4. Sasha Von Laue says

    GoGrid Hosting service is total crap. We were paying over $500 / month and have had nothing but problems from the beginning. AVOID GoGrid at all COSTS!