Introducing the Subway IRC Juju Charm

Flickr: deapeajay

A few weeks back I learned about a really interesting new Open Source project called “Subway” that was being developed by a Oregon State University student by the name of David Petersen. Jorge Castro the Cloud Community Liason for Canonical Ltd. reached out to me since he knew I also lived in Oregon and was just as fascinated as I with this very cool project and he wanted to get the contributors of that project to develop a Juju Charm to deploy Subway in the Cloud.

Although my ability to encourage the OSU folks to develop a Juju Charm failed I did go ahead and spend some of my spare time over the last week or two developing a Juju Charm which reached stable release today.

I really think Subway is an amazing project that has a lot of potential to compete with a variety of the IRC clients out there and some of the cool features about Subway that I like are:

  • Supports connection persistence to a Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Server.
  • Supports logging of activity upon disconnect from the Client.
  • Fresh Modern Looking UI that can be accessed from any Web Browser on Any Platform

I really encourage those of you who utilize IRC and have a server or VPS to give Subway a spin and if you work in the Cloud I would encourage you to checkout the Subway Juju Charm and the many other amazing Charms that are available.

Grab a copy of Subway from Github and the Juju Charm is available at and also via Github and feel free to Test Drive Subway here.

Subway in action(Click Image to Enlarge):

Subway IRC Client