CloudCache Giveaway

As many people know I am a fanatic when it comes to web optimization and if my blog is taking more than a second or two to load I’m freaking out because I know how important load times are to end-users and that a few milliseconds could mean loss of a potential reader or new connection.

But more importantly load times also play a major role in how search engines rank you in results because in turn they consider slow loading websites to be of lesser quality to their users and rank accordingly in their algorithms.

I have been a big fan of the folks at NetDNA which offer the service MaxCDN and recently launched CloudCache two services aimed at producing top performance when it comes to serving content on your site. Some of the top sites on the internet rely on the technology that NetDNA offers to make their websites run blazing fast 365 days of the year.

I told my followers I would give something away when I reached 2,500+ people on Google+ and I recently passed this mark as such I am going to giveaway of  Five CloudCache Basic Plans for an entire year totally free courtesy of NetDNA.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. imbrandon says

    Sweet, hook me up with a little CDN juice if I win and I’ll  use it on the site its self that pimps diffrent ways to optimize Website Perf and DevOps procedures with alot of crossover :)

  2. cameleopard says

    I’m one of the winners.  I just wanted to thank you for running this contest, and of course to thank NetDNA for providing the CloudCache plans!