Thoughts on Dell’s Project Sputnik

As many of you are probably aware Dell launched Project Sputnik which is a short 6-month pet project in which Dell will take a crack at making a laptop for developers specifically those who develop Free Open Source Software.

While at UDS-Q in Oakland, CA I witnessed the awarding of three Dell XPS 13 Ultrabooks to some amazing Juju Charm authors and I also got to hold and have a look at one of the devices and one thing that I found interesting was Dell went ahead and left the Windows logo on the bottom panel of the devices they were giving away to developers and mind you the device runs Ubuntu 12.04.

Project Sputnik - Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook
Project Sputnik - Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

I realize it is a great thing that Dell is investing money and time into developing a device that runs Ubuntu and is geared towards developers but in my mind Dell could have very easily replaced the panels before handing them off to people who work with Free Open Source Software instead of leaving the brand on the devices.

Anyways kudos to Dell for yet again giving Ubuntu a try again and hopefully we will see Dell expand their offerings to include Ubuntu laptops in the mainstream marketplace but until then there are nice vendors like System76 and ZaReason who are soaking up money from Ubuntu Users and I’m personally looking forward to CTL’s launch of a Ultrabook competitor product running Ubuntu in the near future.


  1. Bill says

    Of course there’s a Windows logo on it. Every machine Dell produces is first and foremost a Windows machine. Check the keyboard. I’m sure there’s a Windows logo there too.

    • says

      Sure its a biblical saying I believe but it only applies when someone is giving you a gift… In this case Dell is not giving me anything or doing anything that benefits me personally and as stated this is just a short-term project.