Florida Governor’s Office Recalls Thank You E-mail

So about two weeks before the whole Florida Voter Purging circus cooked up to maximum heat in the media I had filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division’s Voter Section informing them that I felt Florida’s Secretary of State was essentially violating aspects of Federal Law which regulate how states handle voter records.

I happened to include Governor Rick Scott’s office via CC on the e-mail complaint and this morning I got a “Thank You for Contacting Governor Rick Scott” e-mail and a few hours later the Governor’s office apparently read my original e-mail to the DOJ and then sent me a new e-mail recalling their original thank you e-mail.

Here is the recall e-mail:

You have no idea how amusing I found this… Thanks Gov. Scott for the laugh!


  1. bwmaister says

    It seems that some people don’t realize that Exchange’s message recall feature doesn’t work out of network.