Help Wanted: Chromium PPA’s for Ubuntu

 Help Wanted: Chromium PPAs for UbuntuIf you are a Ubuntu user who uses Chromium ( I use both Chromium and Firefox) then you will know that the Chromium PPA’s are running slightly behind and this is due to limited resources and is not a result of anyone being fired in fact the Chromium PPA’s have been maintained by the Community and not by a Canonical employee.

If you are interested in helping contribute to the process of maintaining the Chromium PPA’s do not hesitate to contact Micahg who is looking for someone to help in that regard and can be reached on Freenode IRC in #Ubuntu-MOTU.

Those interested in contributing should have a good understanding of Ubuntu Development including Debian Packaging and perhaps some experience with the Chromium source.

  • Roland Taylor

    Who maintains the Mozilla PPAs? There is a nasty leak in the nightly builds but reporting it to Mozilla got me no where so I’ve been trying to find who I should contact.

    • Benjamin Kerensa

      The Ubuntu Mozilla Team (#Ubuntu-Mozillateam on Freenode)

      • Roland Taylor

        Thanks! I’ll be dropping in soon :)

  • kroqgar78

    Are these daily builds or regular (e.g. stable) ones?

    • N

      Daily, but the stable ones are also out of date.

  • Tobias

    The chromium PPAs used to be supervised by FTa who was a paid developer.