Will Thunderbird Get Forked Proper?

Yep I knew about this in advance of the Tech Journalists and Public.

With the news of Mozilla Thunderbird’s fate now public much earlier than it was intended I have to wonder whether community contributors in the Mozilla Community and perhaps other communities will step up to the plate and try to revive Thunderbird and continue to add features?

As we all know Thunderbird is hands down one of the best products that our Community (Mozilla) produces at least in my opinion and there is no doubt that Evolution is not a very good alternative to Thunderbird so why not a fork? Perhaps it could be called “Bluebird”.

In any case I’m very interested to see how things ultimately end or transition….. What do you think needs to happen with Thunderbird?


    • says

      Feature Development? Improvements? Security and Stability is very narrow in updates. It would be like saying well were not gonna put to much focus into Unity anymore but we will give security and stability updates ongoing…. Users want continued feature improvements in applications.

      • Andreas Nilsson says

        Feature development and improvements will still happen, but not by Mozilla.

      • squib says

        Why not just contribute to Thunderbird? Anyone with the know-how to fork and maintain Thunderbird could just submit patches to Mozilla. Then all the maintenance work is done for you and you can focus 100% on new features.

  1. Trent M says

    Best thing to do…Easy

    Port it to Qt5 so that we can all get a GREAT email app in KDE and get rid of kmail2 which is the worst email client on the planet.

    Ho Hum