Resources for Ubuntu LoCos

With Ubuntu 12.10 release just months away and the release parties that follow I wanted to point out some resources for LoCo Leads who want books and other items for such events:


O’Reilly Books

O’Reilly is very supportive of user groups worldwide and has a program in the U.S., UK and Germany for user groups to receive donated books and other promotional materials and they often are looking for people interested in reviewing books to.

For U.S. Groups contact:

Marsee Henon or Jon Johns

For UK, Middle East and African Countries:

Complete this form and if you have further questions e-mail

For German Groups:

Visit this site here

Apress Books

Apress produces some quality technical books and although they do have a user group program it is unclear what they offer to user groups and I have never personally received any response from them.


Peachpit Books

Peachpit offers a User Group program that has valuable resources for groups.


Focal Press Books

Focal Press has a User Group program where they allow groups to select two books monthly.

Pearson/Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall/SAMS

Pearson (Also Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall/Sams) also offer a great selection of offerings to user groups through their User Group Program.





System76 offers Ubuntu badge cases and windows key replacement stickers to anyone interested and if you are a user group you can e-mail them and ask for more than the normal quantity which they consider on a case by case basis.


Creative Commons

Creative Commons in the past has granted stickers and buttons to groups although they strictly do not have a program for user groups you could still request some and they may choose to send you some. Consider donating to CC they are a great organization!


If you know of any other great resources please comment below and also remember that reaching out to local businesses is an excellent opportunity to get some resources to make your event perfect. Examples of good businesses to reach out to are Printing Businesses for Flyers and Brochures and Talk to your local food vendor about a discount towards your event usually venues will discount food or beverage if they know you will bring them business or good PR.






  1. chilicuil says

    Dont forget the art of community of the awesome jono bacon, which is free if u download it from his website