Got Ubuntu Web Banners?

I was extremely bored and it was after midnight so I decided why not pop open GIMP and make some quick Ubuntu Web Banner mockups after all we really do need some anyways here they are… I will probably touch them up a few times and then upload them to SpreadUbuntu (Have you checked out or uploaded anything there lately?)

125×125 (Most Popular Format for Bloggers):





468×60 (Great for Portals etc):


  1. Marius Gedminas says

    I thought 12.10 sprang into existence only after it was actually released, and we’re all supposed to call the development version ‘oneiric’ until that? Have I missed a memo?

  2. says

    Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for kicking things off. One typo to fix – excited not ex i cited. BTW I gather that Metro (Win 8) is going to cause a certain amount of excitation, but not necessarily the sort you’d want 😉

    All the best, Grant

    • Benjamin Kerensa says

      Thanks for noticing that… I will get that fixed before 12.10 hits and push some new mockups.