Netflix Continues To Disappoint Linux Users

I figured I would touch base with Netflix’s Corporate Public Relations folks once again to see if their decision to not support Netflix on the Linux Desktop had changed and although I was not surprised by the following response I do feel this goes to show why Netflix is taking a continued hit on their stock price and subscriber base, simply put they lack innovation and are not catering to major niches such as Linux Users. I guess we may not see Netflix on Ubuntu TV unless it is a closed source integration.

No Netflix for Linux
Netflix continues to ignore Linux Users


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    • says

      Because Netflix doesn’t show original content, those that would have normally spent time trying to port the Android or ChromeOS plugin, have instead just pirated the content.

      I’m not saying piracy is acceptable or morally right, but you have to wonder if the content industry are fanning the flames with DRM, instead of putting them out.

  1. Simon says

    Are you really surprised? You say they’re losing money because of decisions like this, but do you really think us Linux users make up a measurable fraction of their potential customer base?

    • Benjamin Kerensa says

      Considering they have lost a sizable amount of subscribers and there are millions of Linux users? Sure