Call for Quantal Release Parties and Ubuntu’s 8th Birthday

Ubuntu 8th Birthday!
Share the celebration with your circle of friends!

Ladies and Gentleman it is the time to begin planning release parties for the upcoming release of Ubuntu 12.10 and also to celebrate Ubuntu’s 8th Birthday! For all those who love Ubuntu I urge you to not delay in getting a release party planned, announced and added to the LoCo Portal and start promoting!

Currently there are only two release parties scheduled for the entire United States and I would love to see that number much larger not only in the United States but across the globe.

Organizing a party is pretty simple:

  • Pick a date – I would recommend either Sat 20th October or 21st Sunday. Pick a date when you can arrange for a bunch of Ubuntu enthusiasts to be in the same building.
  • Pick a venue – this can be someone’s back yard, a pub, a university room, a school, a parking lot…wherever. They key thing is not the venue, it is the people. With a venue and date, you are all set to let the world know about it.
  • Add your party to the LoCo Portal.
  • Let the world know – blog about it, make up some fliers and put them in computers shops / libraries / cafes / educational establishments etc. Encourage a stack of people to come along to your party.
I look forward to seeing blog posts and of course photos of all the release parties that will occur in just a couple of weeks! Please share what your state or country is planning to do for the 8th Birthday of Ubuntu in the comments below!
And don’t forget if you need help as a LoCo you can always join #ubuntu-locoteams on freenode IRC and ask for help!