Ubuntu Oregon Celebrates 12.10 Release

This afternoon I joined fellow LoCo Members in celebrating the release of Ubuntu 12.10 and the turn out for Ubuntu Oregon’s release party was impressive with around 30 attendees at the peak of the event. I started off the release party by giving a presentation on the various changes that landed in 12.10.

bk talk1 300x225 Ubuntu Oregon Celebrates 12.10 Release

Benjamin Kerensa presenting changes in Ubuntu 12.10

Following my presentation which was interrupted by an odd pulseaudio/bluetooth bug (yeah it made LibreOffice Impress lock up) Steve Langasek who is manager of the Ubuntu Foundations Team highlighted his teams work during the 12.10 cycle and answered questions that fellow LoCo Members had surrounding UEFI Secure Boot.


Then it was Thomas Mashos turn to give a brief highlight of his work on Mythbuntu during the 12.10 cycle and to get feedback from existing users and potential new users. A lot of good feedback was provided by guests which will surely help Mythbuntu and the Unity projects in the coming cycle.


thomas mashos 300x225 Ubuntu Oregon Celebrates 12.10 Release

Thomas Mashos talks Mythbuntu to attendees

All in all the release party was a great time and we really were grateful for the hospitality the folks at PuppetLabs showed up and everyone loved the 12.10 Ubuntu Oregon shirts that the folks at InkTank sponsored.

We look forward to seeing more and more faces as our LoCo continues to grow and we plan for at least two bug jams in the 13.04 cycle and additionally Ubuntu Oregon will be coordinating talks at Portland State University and other venues.