Wait is that Netflix on Ubuntu?

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Netflix on Ubuntu

Update: Instructions on how to install Netflix on Ubuntu are available here

This year has been big for Ubuntu. In fact, Valve just launched its Steam Beta on Ubuntu and Dell announced a Sputnik laptop. So much is being done to make Ubuntu the most inviting Linux Desktop but what is missing? Netflix, of course is something that many users want on their desktop.

The folks over at IHeartUbuntu.com have ran a campaign to get Netflix running on Ubuntu and I learned today, that progress may have paid off. In fact, instructions for running Netflix on Ubuntu may be released very soon according to one discussion I observed on IRC.

Much of the work to get Netflix on Ubuntu seems to have been done by a guy named Erich Hoover who can be seen discussing Netflix and Wine bugs on the WineHQ Bug Tracker.

Real instructions and confirmation of Netflix working on Ubuntu have not yet been made public, but I will certainly be watching IHeartUbuntu’s website closely because this is clearly something I would love to have on my Desktop. The sad thing is, it seems all it took was $100 to get someone to find a way to get it working, which makes one wonder: why Canonical couldn’t have done this?

By the way have you checked out the new Netflix Github page? http://netflix.github.com/



  • http://www.iheartubuntu.com iheartubuntu.com

    game changer!

    • bhaismachine

      Definitely !! Netflix was one of the very few reasons I had to reboot to windows.

  • Zenon Tigerpaw

    One less reason to use Windows.

  • ZoubIWah

    yeah but its proprietary binary. so i dunno about you, but when linux becomes 100% proprietary except the kernel (and even there, with most drivers being proprietary as well), i don’t see a single reason to use it.

    So no, i don’t see why that’s good. But then again, many ubuntu users don’t really care about free software as in freedom AFAIK.

    • Kim Josefsen

      Have you read all the code of the programs you use on your computer? If you haven’t it adds no further security.

      And if this is some stunt about ‘freedom’, I’d rather be free to use my computer any way I want and not limit myself to how FSF wants me to use it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1129950235 Massimo Sandal

        ” I’d rather be free to use my computer any way I want”

        The problem is that non-free software makes you impossible to use your computer any way you want, in the long run.

        I am not a free software taliban, I can use the odd proprietary software here and there. But whenver there is a free alternative, I’ll pick that.

  • http://profiles.google.com/glen.k.peterson Glen Peterson

    “All it took was $100 to get someone to find a way to get it working, which makes one wonder: why Canonical couldn’t have done this?” I think Linus’ Law answers your question: “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”

  • http://www.fuduntu.org/ Fewt

    We merged these patches at Fuduntu today, they are baked into our WINE package now available in our testing repository.

    • bhaismachine

      Wow that was very fast. So those patches do not create any regression errors in WINE ? Does WINE work normally as before for other applications such as MS Office ?

      • http://www.fuduntu.org/ Fewt

        Well they didn’t create any regressions, in reading them before applying they seemed to resolve specific bugs. We applied them to WINE 1.4.1 which didn’t end up working out in testing, looks like we are going to have to move to WINE 1.5.x for Netflix to work though as there are additional changes upstream necessary to make it work properly.