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Ubuntu Appreciation Day - Appreciate Volunteers
Ubuntu Appreciation Day – Appreciate Volunteers

Today is Ubuntu Appreciation Day and I want to thank the following people not only for their contributions to Ubuntu and Open Source but also for their unending mentoring and encouragement.

Daniel Holbach

Daniel is the Canonical Community Team’s Developer Relations guy and is by all means dedicated to helping new and established developers overcome any obstacles they may encounter in order to keep development in Ubuntu very precise.

Thanks Daniel!


Steve Langasek

Steve taught me much of what I know about packaging and the anatomy of a Debian package. If it were not for the time he volunteered to help teach others at BSP’s and Global Jam’s, many of us would be lost on our journey of Ubuntu Development.

Thanks Steve!


Clint Byrum

Clint is one of  the most resourceful people in the Juju Community. I’m very appreciative of the help and tips he provided when I wrote my first Juju charm. I have observed him on nearly a daily basis assisting others in the same fashion.

Thanks Clint!


Nathan Williams

Nathan has helped lead the Ubuntu Oregon loco now for most of the past year and has been instrumental in helping me organize events. If it were not for his ongoing encouragement and assistance, I’m quite sure we would not have as many events as we do each year.

Thanks Nathan!

Elizabeth Krumbach

Finally, I would like to thank Elizabeth Krumbach of the Community Council. She is by far one of the hardest working contributors and leaders in the Ubuntu Community. Her hard work was duly recognized this year when she received a Open Source Award at OSCON. Elizabeth’s eye for detail, transparency, and treating others fairly is truly consistent with the Ubuntu ethos.

I can’t begin to name every contributor who deserves appreciation but if you are a contributor and reading the just know that I appreciate you too.



  1. Nathan W says

    awww… we appreciate you! thanks for your amazing dedication to open source, Ubuntu software, and the Ubuntu community.