Firefox Donuts and Winter Coders Social

This past Tuesday I was helping out with the 6th Annual Winter Coders Social which was organized by Michelle Rowley, Founder of CodeScouts and a tight-knit group of volunteers. I was really excited to be at this event because I knew that the who’s who of the Portland technology and open source scene would be there; and it would be a great opportunity to promote Firefox, WebFWD and the Mozilla Reps program.

Now, I wanted to add a little extra excitement to this years event so made arrangements to have beverages and some custom Firefox donuts made for the event. I got the idea for the Firefox donuts when I read back in October that Mozilla had sent a cake to Microsoft and immediately set out to see if the folks at Voodoo Donuts could produce some Firefox donuts which they did.

Firefox Donuts
The World’s First Ever Firefox Donuts

Now according to Voodoo Donuts, the science surrounding designing donuts is difficult because the warmth of the tasty treat tends to make the frosting melt which causes some warp in the design but in all honesty I think these donuts turned out amazing.

Mustache Guy Eats Firefox Donut

 I think the event was a great opportunity for people to come together to network and learn about other projects. It was great to see organizations like Urban Airship, PIE, O‘Reilly Media, The Open Bastion and more coming together to support such a worthwhile event that gets great minds together.

Thanks again to Michelle for putting this event together and to my fellow Mozillians who came out :)

Me (Benjamin Kerensa), Michelle Rowley, Dave Burns (Mozilla), Sam, Wil Clouser (Mozilla)
Me, Michelle Rowley, Dave Camp (Mozilla), Sam, Wil Clouser (Mozilla)