Amazon Shopping Results GNOME Shell Extension

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Amazon Shopping Results in GNOME Shell

With all the controversy surrounding the Amazon Shopping Lens in Ubuntu I found it humorous today when someone pointed out that GNOME now has a Amazon Shopping Results GNOME Shell extension. Although you won’t find any Linux distribution that uses GNOME Shell as their desktop environment offering this Amazon extension as a default feature at least not yet and plus the extension is not vetted by GNOME.



  • hashem

    It’s just an extension. Nothing vetted by the entire leadership/community. Also, opt-in rather than opt-out. :P

    • Benjamin Kerensa

      Yeah I realize what a extension is.

    • Benjamin Kerensa

      yep i understand how extensions work and their lack of vetting

    • Alan Bell

      anyone who registers on can comment on the review queue of unapproved extensions, some people can activate them. It won’t be the whole leadership/community but nothing gets unanimous approval of the whole leadership/community. Everyone can inspect the source code.
      It is vetted by gnome developers, but it is not a part of the Gnome distribution.

  • Mathieu

    Hmm, do you really fail to understand the difference between an optional extension and a turned-on-by-default behavior? It’s actually sad for the amazon experience to be set the way it is in ubuntu; I would probably find myself using it if it was in its dedicated lens, instead of attached to default search. I’m failing to see the humor in the above reflection.

    • Benjamin Kerensa

      do you fail to realize that my blog post said nothing that suggest i lack understanding as to how extensions work?