Sprint to start rolling out Android 4.2.1 to Galaxy Nexus

Sprint Galaxy Nexus (L700) If you use Sprint like I do and own a Galaxy Nexus (L700) then its very likely your running Baseband Version FH05 which has Android 4.1 and there has been lots of predictions about when Sprint and Verizon will push Android 4.2 to its customers since the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus has had it for months now.

Well the waiting is almost over for Sprint customers since they have a Galaxy Nexus Baseband update in the pipeline called GA02 (see here) which is CDMA driver update with Android 4.2.1. From the looks of it this new update is in final testing with a release date next month and so far Verizon is still quiet on a Galaxy Nexus update for its customers.

So if you were about to root to get Android 4.2.1 you don’t necessarily need to do that unless  you really want to!