Why I Switched to AISO.net

Over the last week I had been in discussion with the folks at AISO.net about moving my blog to them and having them sponsor me. One of the main reasons I decided to do that was not because I was unsatisfied with WPEngine (You guys rock!) but because I knew that AISO.net has some of the most green and sustainable practices in the hosting industry.

Real Green Hosting

AISO Solar Panels
AISO Solar Panels

AISO.net has strived for eco-friendly practices since it was founded in 1997. While many companies buy carbon offsets (CEU’s) and then turn around and claim to be green hosting, AISO.net actually is one of the only providers I have been able to find that doesn’t do greenwashing.

AISO.net uses solar power on-site to power their data center, green air conditioning to cool their data center, collects rain water which is used in their green hosting operation, and they use natural light to illuminate their offices.



Fast Hosting, Reliable, Low-energy Hosting

One concern I had when thinking about leaving my previous hosting sponsor, WPEngine, was that my site might suffer from slow performance but so far testing has shown that their platform is able to provide the load times and behind the scene optimizations I expect from a provider.

The platform that hosts my site is a Linux Cloud platform which uses a varnish-like caching system and a custom solution that optimizes HTML, Images and CSS that are served to my readers.

With all that being said, I really do look forward to seeing how the hosting performs over time and I’m still utilizing CDN powered by the folks over at MaxCDN. I encourage those who are concerned about their impact on the environment to consider checking out AISO.net and I think you will see why groups like the Organic Trade Association, Jean-Michael Costeau’s Ocean Futures Society, California Center for Sustainable Energy, and I have chosen AISO to power us.