The Coolest Ubuntu Business Cards Ever

IMGP0254 300x300 The Coolest <del>Ubuntu</del> Business Cards Ever

4GB Ubuntu Memory USB Business Card

In the past I have used for my Ubuntu Member Business Cards which I often give out at conferences and events I’m speaking or promoting Ubuntu at. I knew I was running out of Moo cards and I thought about the idea of having some really nice cards made to give out to people I’m trying to impress versus the run of the mill business card I give out regularly. That’s when I heard that makes USB Memory Business Cards.

Anyway, I pitched the idea of having some Ubuntu USB Business Cards made to Mike Khaytman who leads marketing for and sure enough he liked the idea and I sent him over some logos and told him about the Ubuntu font and other details. In just a few hours he had a nice design mockup for me and shortly afterwards the design was sent off to the factory to be made.

So these specific USB Memory Business cards will run ~$10 per drive for a small order or if your ordered several hundred the cost could be brought down to about $7 per card but these prices do fluctuate depending on the cost of memory on any given day which is why they ask you to get in touch to get a quote.

Each of my special 4GB Ubuntu Memory Business Cards are going to be loaded with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS so not only can I share my details with people I can also give them software that I personally contribute to the development of which will be a nice conversation starter.

  • Stephen

    Awesome cards..I would like to order some as well :) Can they be delivered to Africa?

    • Benjamin Kerensa

      I’m sure they can.

  • cyrildz Akh

    So… Have you guy first discussed with the community about this ?

    • Benjamin Kerensa

      What? It does not require discussion… All Ubuntu Members who are approved by a membership board can use the Ubuntu logo on business cards. Plus the Ubuntu Trademark policy allows liberal use of the logo anyways for promotion and advocacy.

  • Ricardo N Feliciano

    The cards are awesome.

  • Paddy Landau

    What a fantastic idea! Well done.

  • Rewarp

    Quite expensive, but if I am aiming to impress people I need to impress, I can see flaunting something like this around.

  • Comtread Corp

    We’ve got the design saved. Just get in touch with me directly and I’ll help you out mike [at] usbmemorydirect [dot] com.