Netflix: Still no plans for Linux support

Netflix on Linux

I e-mailed Joris Evers, Global Corporate Communications, Netflix again and he indicated that Netflix’s plans have not changed at all for supporting Linux.

I specifically mentioned that I had noticed they switched to a HTML5 Netflix app and that it would be very easy for them to transition that to Linux Users by just supporting Google Chrome or Chromium on Linux and of course they still have chosen not to support Linux even when the overhead cost wise and technology is already there.

This is a fundamental flaw in their business plans… While companies are supporting Linux more and more Netflix is dragging their feet with no reasonable excuse. Why won’t they shut up and take our money? Ask them on Twitter maybe.


  1. says

    It doesnt matter who their board is (they actually have a decent board of folks who came from companies that use Linux in enterprise or supported it in products) its about their concern for someone breaking the DRM on a open system.

    • Michael Hall says

      It’s not so much “breaking”, it’s like putting a padlock on a gate with no fence.

  2. Martin Owens says

    It’s got nothing to do with DRM or any other bollocks. It’s a clear case of anti-competative market manipulation. Netflix have been paid off to deliberately sabotage the Linux desktop, even if it’s bad for their business.

    There’s no convincing them, we just have to break their technology where ever and when ever possible. Begging them will not work.

  3. Miguel says

    Netflix supports ChromeOS…. what’s the diffenrece between that and linux+chrome????

  4. Netflix says

    It’s funny in the end having a company that refuses to serve a chunk of potential users it doesn’t add up. I think Ubuntu has more than enough users to say OK we will support it because it makes sense to support it and it’s not like sending a man to the moon it’s just video streaming in the end …

    And about “braking DRM” i don’t believe this is the reason not to support Ubuntu or Linux in general because OK let’s say it would be “breakable” on Ubuntu it would be interesting thing to see if this would harm them in any meaningful way i do believe it would not. They just have to start behaving like a real corporation does and when that happens Ubuntu or Linux in general will get video streaming from them and until then it’s more or less BS.