LinuxFest Northwest 2013: Recap of Day 1

Linux Fest Northwest Expo Hall
Linux Fest Northwest Expo Hall before opening!

Welcome to the first daily recap of LinuxFest Northwest 2013 (LFNW). I’m up in Bellingham, Washington evangelizing Firefox OS, WebFWD and Mozilla Reps. Just in the first few hours we had close to 50% of LinuxFest Northwest attendees visit the Mozilla booth and a majority of those people who visited the booth said they are long time Firefox users many of whom also use Firefox for Android and many of them have heard about Firefox OS but had not had the opportunity to actually get more information. This presented an excellent opportunity to let visitors check out Firefox OS running on one of the developer handsets and then educate them about the platform and how to get involved.


Mozilla Booth

Mozilla Booth: Benjamin Kerensa
Me showing attendees the Firefox OS platform

We were lucky to be in a nice area of the expo floor and just to the left we had folks from the EFF and just across was the Ubuntu booth ran by the Ubuntu Washington LoCo and the Greater Seattle Linux User Group (GSLUG). Lanyards and buttons were really popular and we gave almost all our lanyards out during the first few hours of the expo hall opening.


Although I do not yet have a Geeksphone but instead have another handset running Firefox OS one of the most popular questions I got asked was “Where can I buy a phone running Firefox OS?” This started the discussion about the recent Geeksphone launch and in turn people were really surprised to hear how affordable those phones were.

Highlighting MoCo Session and Other Tidbits

LFNW Attendee shows Firefox Shirt he won!
LFNW Attendee shows Firefox shirt he won.

I want to suggest to those who will be at LFNW tomorrow that they try and make it to Spencer Krum and Ben Kero’s session about Git on the server. Ben Kero is a Mozilla Systems Administrator and well known in the Pacific Northwest Open Source community and his session should be informative for those who are interested in getting started with Gitolite.

One other thing I got to do today was to sit down with Thomas from Slashdot to do an interview about Firefox OS. I also went on Linux Action Show live to discuss Firefox OS and even discuss Ubuntu for a bit.