Firefox OS: Launch of First Devices

Firefox OS is something that I have been personally working on for a few months now and when I learned we would be launching in Spain,  I knew it was a great decision. I also cannot wait for Sprint and other carriers to make similar announcements for the United States and I know that there are surely carriers around the world watching how this launch goes.

One thing of interest mentioned in the announcement today was “One of our recent surveys found Firefox OS to be more compelling to developers over Tizen, Blackberry and Kindle Fire” and I totally agree with this. I have found Firefox OS to be more compelling to me than even Ubuntu Touch which says a lot considering my love for Ubuntu.

I could let my geek flag fly and go into all the details on why Firefox OS is the platform you should be using, but in reality Christian Heilmann has already done that so read his post. But please be sure to spread the news about Firefox OS on Social Media today and if you use Twitter, then use the hashtag #FirefoxOS. You can also grab this image here and change your social media avatar today and show how excited you are about Firefox OS.