• Sébastien

    There is a mistake. I discover the pictures of the phone.

    Original Google+ post : https://plus.google.com/u/0/110242157373721495014/posts/VBkBwevMYvC

  • Omer Akram

    Looks like a mockup to me

    • http://shanefagan.com/ Shane Fagan

      Well thats just for the website, id guess that Mark will have another video showing off the phone just like every other announcement like this recently. It seems like that is how they are doing things marketing wise for the past year and a bit.

  • Hans

    these were never meant to be published. please remove them.

    • http://benjaminkerensa.com/ Benjamin Kerensa

      Who are you?

      • Robert Trance

        very good question! I’m personally very glad to see this and read about. Site saved.

  • http://shanefagan.com/ Shane Fagan

    I wonder if they will have any devices for people interested in developing for the phone eventually. Personally im interested in getting back into the swing of things and putting my time in again since I can take a bit ownership of a project since a lot of them are new and there are a lot of apps that are standard everywhere else that aren’t done yet. I know I can develop from the desktop but still testing the apps and making sure the user experience with touch is how you want it is a different story. Plus id love to get rid of my old Nexus X for something a little more modern.

  • http://hude.blogfa.com/ Ali Najafi

    What do you think about the date (August 22th) on the phone screen? Cause it’s for this year.

    • Sébastien

      And strangely, the announcement will happen the 22th of July, just one month before this date…

      chance or coincidence?

  • d2kx

    Please remove this. Don’t spoil Canonical’s moment with unpolished, leaked material. :(

    • http://hude.blogfa.com/ Ali Najafi

      I personally don’t think this can spoil Canonical mement, because now that I know this, I’m more eager to follow OSCON news especially about Shuttleworth’s keynote on 22th.

  • Marky

    The name fits. Look at those edges. :)

  • Nils

    So the indieGoGo has been out for 3 days now. Talk about it and help increase the chances it succeeds, please, for the sake of consumer freedom.