OSCON + Mozilla = Awesome

Me and Tim O'Reilly
Me and Tim O’Reilly

Last week I was at O’Reilly Open Source Convention representing the Mozilla Community and meeting with folks to talk about some of the cool things going on in the Mozilla Community.

This year was especially exciting because Mozilla sponsored Community Leadership Summit the weekend before which had an amazing turnout and had several Mozillians in attendance. Even better, OSCON itself had a great line up of Mozillians speaking about technology and topics they are passionate about.

Towards the end of the week several of us gathered and I hosted a Mozilla Birds of Feather session which saw a small but good turnout of developers and even students from Oregon State University Open Source Labs. It was interesting because even the non-Mozillians had strong ties to the Mozilla community in one manner or another.

I think OSCON was a great opportunity for Mozillians this year to engage the greater open source community and do some networking but I think next year we can have a even larger role and perhaps a booth where we can do some Firefox OS evangelism.