Firefox To Remain Default…. Very Nice!

borat-very-nice-firefoxJason Warner who leads the Ubuntu Desktop Team announced today that Firefox will continue to be the default browser for Ubuntu 13.10 although he suggested the proposal which was unpopular would be re-visited at the next vUDS when plans for Ubuntu 14.04 are discussed.

I honestly do not feel Chromium will bring any better value to Ubuntu Users and I believe that more Ubuntu Users are using Firefox today then Chromium so switching the default will only be an inconvenience to most. As you are probably aware Firefox is actually in most recent benchmarks showing superior performance over other browsers.

So what next?

I urge Mozillians in the Ubuntu Community to take part in the upcoming vUDS and share your opinion on what the default browser should be in Ubuntu 14.04 and also feel free to subscribe to the Ubuntu Desktop mailing list and give your opinion there.

I think it is very important that Ubuntu continue to ship a browser which is backed by an organization like Mozilla which helps power the open web and champions user privacy.





  1. tinhed says

    Don’t waste your energy abral . If the benevolent dictator wants chromium, they will bring it in, no matter what you and i want.