North America Mozilla Reps Meetup

DSC 1772 300x200 North America Mozilla Reps Meetup

North America Mozilla Reps

This past weekend myself and reps from across North America spent the weekend working from Mozilla’s San Francisco office to collaborate on a plan for North America.  During these two days, we built a plan that will help us grow the contributor community in North America and focus on areas we feel are priorities.

DSC 1829 300x200 North America Mozilla Reps Meetup

Reps getting energized

“Since the inception of the Mozilla Reps program, there have numerous events that brought Reps together to foster community and collaboration. Among them were the MozCamps in Europe and Asia, local regional meetups, and country-level meetings. The North America Reps meetup aims to follow what the previous events have started and tailor a plan of action that is relevant to North American communities.”
Our Goals:
  • Strengthen the communities and working relationships of the 22 Mozilla Reps based in the US and Canada
  • Increase collaboration among Mozilla Reps who are volunteers and paid staff
  • Identify areas for improvement and of concern in the local level
  • Create a plan of action for 2013-2014 to support Mozilla initiatives (Firefox OS, Webmaker, Firefox) that is relevant and sustainable in the North American context
  • Support mentorship potential of current Reps
  • Improve community morale
DSC 1841 300x200 North America Mozilla Reps Meetup

Majken Oconnor leading discussion on priorities

I think we accomplished almost everything we set out to do and more but additionally we will be planning on having meetings along the way to health check these plans and also to have another physical meetup in Portland, Oregon which happens to be one of our priority cities.

I think this weekend brought a lot of value to everyone who participated as it allowed for cohesion (which virtual meetings often cannot provide) and allowed us to get a lot more work done than what is normally done in smaller blocks of time.

  • Regnard Raquedan

    Nice! Great post, Benjamin! Looking forward to the next steps!