Quality Linux/Open Source Blogs


I recently saw an inbound link from a linux distro forum asking about quality Linux/Debian blogs that people could follow and my blog was among that list. Since the list did not include any women in FOSS I do not think it was a quality list and so I offer these blogs for folks to follow:

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph’s blog – Elizabeth is a recipient of the O’Reilly Open Source Award and provides leadership to the Ubuntu Community through her role as a Community Council Member. Additionally pleia2 helps with marketing of Xubuntu and hacks on OpenStack.

Selena Deckelmann’s blog – Selena writes about a variety of Open Source topics including open source database, supporting women in technology and many other cool topics.

Akkana Peck’s blog – Akkana is an author of the Beginning GIMP Book published by Apress (you should buy a copy) and involved in various open source communities including GIMP and Ubuntu. Her blog covers Open Source, Science and other very interesting topics she is passionate aboute.

Laura Czajakowski’s blog – Laura is a member of the Ubuntu Community Council and the EMEA Community Manager for MongoDB. Her blog as of late is mostly focused on MongoDB although she also has some good posts covering happenings in the European FOSS Community.

Mitchell Baker’s blog – Mitchell is Chair of the Mozilla Foundation and blogs about Mozilla and an abundance of other topics ranging from privacy to open web.

Those are just a few of my favorite FOSS blogs to read although you can probably find more quality blogs here.




  1. CheeseBurg says

    I am glad you listed some blogs from Women in open source. It is good to see more women in technology in general.