Mozilla Summit 2013 in Santa Clara

Two Sundays back was the last day of Mozilla Summit 2013 where thousands of Mozillians came together in three cities to discuss the future of the open web. Summit was everything I had hoped for and much more there were moments as a site host lead that were challenging but as an attendee there were moments that were exciting, fun and powerful.

Benjamin Kerensa and Mozilla India
Me and Mozillians from India

I have to say that the closing reception speech by Mitchell Baker was very powerful because it really made it clear how important the role Mozillians play in building an internet the world needs. For me summit was a great community experience it really showed how big the Mozilla Community is and how we all have that one common mission regardless of where we are from and what language we speak.

Mozilla Pakistan Booth
Mozilla Pakistan Booth

I was very impressed with the world and innovation fairs because each event offered a line up of really interesting booths. My favorite booths at the World Fair were the Pakistan, India, Romania and WoMoz Community booths. At the Innovation Fair I have to be honest I spent a lot of time talking up Asa Dotzler about Firefox Metro and after that I spent time checking out the UX table which showed me some previews of potential new layouts for

It was also really cool to see some automated battery life testing for Firefox OS being doing on Xubuntu the XFCE Community-Driven Flavor of Ubuntu.

Xubuntu Battery Life Testing for Firefox OS

I think this summit did one thing for a lot of us, and that was build up energy and momentum that we can take back to various projects were working on, and that will help fuel us until the next time we all come together again.


Wapapapapapa-pow! and check out my photos from Summit!






  1. extraymond says

    This is my first Summit at Toronto.
    Mozilla is grouped by awesome people and glued by a very fantastic chemistry.

    I think there are lots of things canonical can learn from mozilla!