Thunderbird Add-on for the week

thunderbird logo wordmark RGB 300dpi 300x109 Thunderbird Add on for the weekThe Thunderbird Team is interested in knowing what your favorite add-on’s for Thunderbird are, and we will be restarting the “Thunderbird Add-on for the week” across all of our social media channels. If you have an add-on that you know of that you think deserves highlighting please leave a comment on my blog, ping me on IRC (bkerensa in #Thunderbird on Mozilla IRC) and I will be sure to check it out.

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  • Remy
  • Mahesh Asolkar

    Exquilla and Lightning immediately come to my mind. I use them extensively.

    • lhirlimann

      They’ve been highligthed already :-)

  • jelo

    stationery ( ) for its html source editor

  • Solvo

    Enigmail, obviously.

  • Paul Berendsen

    MoreFunctionsForAddressBook makes Thunderbird a worthy e-mail-client. I want my contact data integrated (names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail connected), and the best place is close to my e-mail. With MFAB, Tb is really good and stable as a general purpose address-book. (But, unfortunately, the still very immature calendar extension, Lightning, doesnot integrate with the addressbook, as long time ago the Mozilla Calendar integrated with the addressbook of Mozilla the suite.)

  • mcepl

    Lightning, Engimail, but I would like to underline Nostalgy, which has been unfortunately broken in the latest Earlybirds. Sob :’(.

  • Markus

    Disable Reply-List and Mail-Redirect

  • davefromnz
    • Frederik Elwert

      Yep, I just discovered Conversations, and I just love it. It truly alters the experience of using Thunderbird, it finally makes it a modern e-mail client. I really prefer desktop clients when compared to web-interfaces, and Conversations gives Thunderbird the bit of comfort and bling that one might like about web clients.

      • davefromnz

        Agreed. I’m sure the developer of that add-on would love a wee donation too :)

  • Hugo Otto

    Minimize on Start and Close

  • Sören Hentzschel

    Dropbox for Filelink