My Favorite Changes in Ubuntu 13.10

Smart Scopes

Smart Scopes on Ubuntu 13.10
Searching for Code with Smart Scopes on Ubuntu 13.10

I’m really pleased with how the dash is becoming a place for more productivity in 13.10 with the latest polish of Smart Scopes. Searching for code on Github is made easy or finding a that new remix by Wild Boyz on sound cloud is a cinch.


Kernel 3.11

The Ubuntu Kernel Team dropped the latest and great Kernel from upstream into Ubuntu which has for me seen some small improvements in performance and a slight decrease in power consumption. Additionally wireless seems to be a bit more stable with this kernel.


The latest version of Firefox shipping in Ubuntu is 24.0 which has a lot of great fixes and now and beats Chrome/Chromium in recent benchmarks. Although I use the Firefox Nightly version its good to see that Mozilla Firefox is still shipping as the default browser in Ubuntu since there was some debate about changing to Chromium.

All in all a small release for the desktop with minimal changes but the Kernel and Smart Scopes as changes alone were good. Looking forward to 14.04 LTS which should be a very crisp release with an even newer kernel and some nice fresh packages from upstream for all the default applications in Ubuntu.