Ubuntu User Advocacy

Ubuntu User AdvocacyAs things stand now Ubuntu has very limited user advocacy occurring and nobody on the community or Canonical side to do any User Advocacy. Many open source projects equal in size to Ubuntu have dedicated teams focusing on User Advocacyand I believe this is one area where Ubuntu can do better.

We constantly see all kinds of new features landing in Unity and Ubuntu but are they what the users want or need? Well we really don’t know since there is not any push for User Advocacy.

I propose we start the discussion of having a User Advocacy Team in Ubuntu and make User Advocacy a priority on the Desktop. This team can be compromised of folks from various teams, governance, and we can all come together to give the experience our users want and need.

The goals of Ubuntu User Advocacy would be:

The purpose the User Advocacy effort is:

  • to advocate for better understanding and consideration of Ubuntu user needs;
  • to develop features on the Desktop that allow for direct feedback from users;
  • to better perform research on user practices on the desktop in order to enhance the desktop experience.

Right now Ubuntu has no feature in System Settings or any Menu that allows users to easily submit feedback on their Desktop Experience and give feedback on features. This is something we should be measuring and analyzing as a community not just in Ubuntu but ideally in the flavors too.

I’m interested to here what others think about Ubuntu being improved and more feedback driven. I’m interested to hear from folks at Canonical to see what their thoughts are on a robust User Advocacy initiative.





  1. Allen Bethea says

    How about adding a “Like” or “+” button on all apps produced with Ubuntu SDK? Likes will be shared by default with other users of the app and to users you search for it . A random user’s profile picture and name can pop beside the app in the Software Center and when a users type a related search in the Dash. User can opt out if they don’t see the value of this feature.

    Also, could you add a built in news feed from Mark Shuttleworth, Jono, and other Ubuntu movers and shakers? Whenever Mark makes a pronouncement a notification is issued. Also, whenever a new article on Ubuntu is published on the Web, an alert pops up so users can go to the site and post a pro-Ubuntu comment or disparage the misguided haters.

    Also, it would be nice if Ubuntu could publish testimonials of a users who were plagued by some bug in an non-LTS release, but found help in Launchpad, forums or saw the bug fixed in the current release.

  2. says

    Very good question they would implement features like a feedback feature in Ubuntu Desktop in the same menu people shutdown and logout from. That data would be open and inspectable by the entire community.

    The Technical Board would work with the User Advocacy Team to drive that feedback into the Ubuntu roadmap.

    • Insperatus says

      What about the trolls? How would the they be filtered out? What will prevent pedestrian trolling from skewing the results? Ubuntu has become popular enough so that “hating Ubuntu” itself has become popular in its own right.