Best Web Browser: Firefox

It was great to see that Mozilla Firefox was picked by Linux Journal Reader’s for a second year in a row as the best web browser and with a 2% gain in popularity. Additionally, Firefox OS  did pretty good and ranked in the Top 5 for mobile operating systems and I expect next year Firefox OS will take 1st or 2nd place.

FirefoxTomorrow, Mozilla Firefox should see a release of Firefox 26.0 to stable and I can tell you this release comes baked with all the goodness you all have come to expect from Firefox. Going back to the Linux Journal Reader’ Choice Awards I really think this continues to be a strong indicator that Linux Users across all distros really enjoy using Firefox and that Firefox remaining a default on many distros is a win for Linux Users considering the popularity of the browser.

If you are a Linux User I highly encourage you to get involved in testing the Nightly and Aurora builds of Firefox. I would also invite you to check out Firefox OS and the app development community (with a newly refreshed MDN!) that is filling the Firefox Marketplace with great apps.



  1. Firefox is still my favorite browser, both for use and development, on Linux. It is a real shame that some features have fallen behind on the Linux build, as it isn’t a priority in many aspects. I suspect this may be in large part due to the lack of Linux developers, which would be another good reason to get involved, as you mentioned.

    All in all, things aren’t too far behind in the Linux builds, but Linux comes with some difficulties as a platform in certain areas such as WebGL working well with the various graphics drivers, as well as some difficulties supporting multiple desktop environments. But, all in all, it’s a satisfying experience, and I have hope for the future.

    In all honesty, even as a Linux user, Firefox OS is a lot more compelling to me as a project. Getting the internet into more peoples’ hands seems more important for the time being.