Build Strong User Advocacy in Ubuntu

PerfectI’m proposing that Ubuntu form a User Advocacy Team compromised of Ubuntu Community Contributors and at least an employee or two from Canonical. The idea behind this proposal is that an Ubuntu User Advocacy Team would be the ear to the ground listening to issues that are impacting users in Ubuntu and would then produce reports which would be distributed to Ubuntu Developers and Product Managers at Canonical.

The goal would be:

  • Create a tool to accept user feedback directly from Ubuntu installations
  • Disseminate feedback collected from users to decision makers and the entire community
  • Help create a conduit between users and developers

Other communities already have similar functional groups doing this kind of work for their respective projects. I think this would help users feel that they have people advocating for them within the project and helping push forward issues that are important to them in relation to the product.

I encourage those who think User Advocacy in the terms I have outlined makes sense to provide feedback on Ubuntu-Devel.