Happy Holidays!

Today, I started my official break from projects for the Holiday Season although there are still some tasks I do regardless of what time of year it is much of my contributions to various open source projects slow down around Christmas. Each year I remind those in the United States that there is a great opportunity for them to make a tax deductible donation to open source projects that are 501(c)3 non-profits and this year I will do the same.

And finally you can find my Wishlist right here and a special thanks to one reader who sent me some wine already! icon smile Happy Holidays!


canvas 987x1024 Happy Holidays!Mozilla is the organization and community that paves the way for a truly open web and defends internet freedom. Mozilla also produces the popular Firefox and Thunderbird open source projects and a number of other projects like Webmaker andWebFWD.

Donate to Mozilla


Oregon State University Open Source Labs

OSUOSL Open Source Lab 1024x531 Happy Holidays!

Oregon State University Open Source Labs (OSU OSL) is where some of the largest and most popular open source projects receive their web hosting and other vital web services that allow them to operate. OSU OSL hosts servers for Kernel.org, Apache Software Foundation, CentOS and Fedora just to name a few.

Donate to OSU OSL


The Ada Initiative

ada 1024x531 Happy Holidays!

The Ada Initiative is an organization dedicated to advancing women in open source software, open data and open culture. The Ada Initiative hosts a number of events such as AdaCamp to move towards their goals.

Donate to The Ada Initiative



Yorba 1024x531 Happy Holidays!

Yorba is the community and organization behind the Shotwell Photo Organizer used by many Linux Distros and the Geary email reader.

Donate to Yorba


Apache Software Foundation

Welcome to The Apache Software Foundation  1024x531 Happy Holidays!

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has been around since 1999 and was a spin off of the Apache Group that was tasked with creating the Apache HTTP server. ASF is dedicated to supporting open source projects through supplying hardware, communications and other assets.

Donate to the ASF



Debian The Universal Operating System 1024x531 Happy Holidays!

Debian is an association of individuals who have made a common cause to create a free operating system also named Debian. The Debian Operating System is used on Desktop Computers and Servers worldwide and has also been used as an inspiration for other Linux distros such as the ever popular Ubuntu.                                                                                                                                                                                  Donate to Debian.