Interview with Ubuntu Contributor Cody Smith

Cody at a Ubuntu Global Jam in 2013.

Cody at a Ubuntu Global Jam in 2013.

I recently reached out to Cody Smith who is a long time contributor to the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo. He has ran an Ubuntu Hour nearly every Friday for last couple of years and his passion for Free Software and getting people involved is contagious.


Benjamin: When did you first start contributing to Ubuntu and what was the motivation?

Cody: I started contributing around 2012 with bug reports, byte-size bug-fixes, and getting more people using Ubuntu (and Linux in general), my motivation was me wanting to give back to such a great community, and be a part of making Ubuntu better in any way I could.

Benjamin: Can you tell me more about yourself?

Cody:  I am a 21-year old college student with a thirst for the knowledge of how the underpinnings of Linux (and pretty much anything I enjoy using) work, I’ve been using Ubuntu since a little after 10.04 was released.
Benjamin: You recently applied for Ubuntu Membership can you tell me how that process was for you?
Cody: I’d be lying if I said the membership process wasn’t a bit nerve-wracking. but all in all, I’d say it went alright, to those looking to apply, make sure you have a decent amount of contributions and give the board as much info on the contributions as possible.
Benjamin: What is your favorite desktop environment?
Cody:  I don’t use a desktop environment more than a plain window manager, that said, I prefer the i3 window manager, fits how I do things perfectly.
Benjamin: What are your plans for contributions to Ubuntu in the future?
Cody:  my plans are to maintain what I currently do (hold Ubuntu Hours, submit bug fixes for betas, and just get people on board with Ubuntu), as well as taking on more challenging bug fixes, there’s just that sense of satisfaction when your bug fix even gets considered for inclusion in the OS, even more so when it’s included.

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