MozStumbler Experience Getting Better

The MozStumbler App is continuing to improve for those who are contributing location data to the Mozilla Location Service which has a goal of building experimental geo-location data based on publicly observable cell tower and wifi access point information. The greatest part about this project is that the app MozStumbler and the platform are open source and there is also FxStumbler for Firefox OS!

So here is what the app looks like today:

Screenshot_2014-01-23-17-52-48Pretty cool right? Well you can hack on this app too by simply forking the Github repo linked above and contributing to the project and you can also download the latest .apk and install it and run it on your android device. Ultimately I hope other services like OpenSignal or Sensorly might consider contributing some of the data they collect to the Mozilla Location Service and maybe other open source mobile platforms like Ubuntu Touch or Sailfish OS could make their own app and collaborate with the Mozilla community.

Also there was some hint at Mozilla Summit that this project could ultimately turn into an Ingress style game to keep contributors interested.


  1. ferongr says

    Very nice. While it’s unlikely I’ll own an FxOS device in the near future (the platform’s capabilities are not there yet for my use cases), I’ve started using MozStubler. I do have a small hope that Replicant or a similar privacy-oriented Android distribution will emulate Android’s Google-based location provider with a Mozilla Location Service solution.