Unboxing The First Firefox OS Tablet

This is the clean little box the tablet comes in

Firefox OS InFocus Tablet - Benjamin Kerensa And let’s open the lid and see what’s inside… Look at that nice large displayFirefox OS Tablet

The back of the tablet is a soft matte feel so not slippery and has a camera

Firefox OS Tablet

This device comes with a special boot animation since its not a publicly available device yet.

Firefox OS Tablet Booting

Second boot animation

Firefox OS TabletThe familiar Firefox OS first boot screenFirefox OS TabletLet’s get on the Wifi

Firefox OS TabletSetup the timezone Firefox OS Tablet Set Timezone - Benjamin KerensaLet’s begin the tablet tour

Firefox OS Tablet TourSwipe lessonsFirefox OS Tablet TourMore swipe lessons

Firefox OS Tablet TourAnd more swiping

Firefox OS Tablet TourAnd tutorial complete now to play

Firefox OS Tablet Tour Complete - Benjamin KerensaAnd that concludes this unboxing!

Firefox OS Tablet Home Screen - Benjamin KerensaWant to play with this? Find me at one of the many conferences I’m attending or speaking at this summer.

  1. I appreciate the series of photos of the Firefox OS in action! The design looks fantastic!