Mozilla at Open Source Bridge

Ben Kero, Firefox OS Talk at OSBridge 2013
Ben Kero, Firefox OS Talk at OSBridge 2013

This week Open Source Bridge will kick off in Portland and I’m extremely excited that Mozilla will once again be sponsoring this wonderful event. This will also mark my second year attending.

To me, Open Source Bridge is the kind of conference that has a lot of great content while also having a small feel to it; where you feel like you can dive in and do some networking and attend many of the talks.

This year, like previous years, Mozilla will have a number of speakers and attendees at Open Source Bridge and we will be giving out some swag in the Hacker Lounge throughout the week and chatting with people about Firefox OS and other Mozilla Projects.

If you are a Mozillian in town for AdaCamp or Open Source Bridge, be sure to stop by the Portland MozSpace and say hello.

Be sure to catch one of these awesome talks being given by Mozillians:

Explicit Invitations: Passion is Not Enough for True Diversity – Lukas Blakk

Making language selection smarter in Wikipedia – Sucheta Ghosal

The Outreach Program for Women: what works & what’s next – Liz Henry

The joy of volunteering with open technology and culture – Netha Hussain

Making your mobile web app accessible – Eitan Isaacson

Modern Home Automation – Ben Kero

Nest + Pellet Stove + Yurt – Lars John

When Firefox Faceplants – what the fox says and who is listening – Lars John

From navel gazing to ass kicking: Building leadership in the journalism code community – Erika Owens

Badging and Beyond: Rubrics and Building a Culture of Recognition as Community Building Strategies – Larissa Shapiro