Release Management Work Week

Team discussing goals
Team discussing goals

Last week in Portland, Oregon, we had our second release management team work week of the year focusing on our goals and work ahead in Q3 of 2014. I was really excited to meet the new manager of the team, our new intern and two other team members I had not yet met.

It was quite awesome to have the face-to-face time with the team to knock out some discussions and work that required the kind of collaboration that a work week offers. One thing I liked working on the most was discussing the current success of the Early Feedback Community Release Manager role I have had on the team (I’m the only non-employee on the team currently) and discussing ideas for improving the pathways for future contributors in the team while also creating new opportunities and a new pathway for me to continue to grow.

One thing unique about this work week is we also took some time to participate in Open Source Bridge a local conference that Mozilla happened to be sponsoring at The Eliot Center and that Lukas Blakk from our team was speaking at. Lukas used her keynote talk to introduce her awesome project she is working on called the Ascend Project which she will be piloting soon in Portland.

Lukas Blakk Ascend Project Keynote at Open Source Bridge 2014
Lukas Blakk Ascend Project Keynote at Open Source Bridge 2014

While this was a great work week and I think we accomplished a lot, I hope in future work weeks that they are either out of town or that I can block off other life obligations to spend more time on-site as I did have to drop off a few times for things that came up or run off to the occasional meeting or Vidyo call.

Thanks to Lawrence Mandel for being such an awesome leader of our team and seeing the value in operating open by default. Thanks to Lukas for being a great mentor and awesome person to contribute alongside. Thanks to Sylvestre for bringing us French Biscuits and fresh ideas. Thanks to Bhavana for being so friendly and always offering new ideas and thanks to Pranav for working so hard on picking up where Willie left off and giving us a new tool that will help our release continue to be even more awesome.



  1. glandium says

    One thing I think you should emphasize is that, unless I missed something, you’re not a MoCo or MoFo employee, yet a legitimate member of the team participating a team work week. There’s not much of that in engineering teams, sadly.

    • says

      Hi Mike,

      Looks like my hyperlink failed which was supposed to emphasize that. It is now about and links to Lukas’s post when she announced the opportunity.

      I had actually hoped to have written up a more in-depth post about the experience of being a contributor on team that is all MoCo/MoFo and how that experience has been but I am leaning towards waiting till my one year anniversary on the team which is approaching.

      As for the engineering teams not having these kind of same opportunities I think at some point those teams will get there but that it is going to take some work from maybe CBT pushing on those teams to be more inclusive.

      I know Relman plans to expand and add new roles for contributors based on this good experience.

  2. Tamar says

    Really good to see Mozilla creating opportunities like this where contributors can do work as equals alongside MoCo employees. Also seems like this is a good way to find candidates for employment in the future.