Mozilla and Open Diversity Data

DiversityI have been aware of the Open Diversity Data project for awhile. It is the work of the wonderful members of Double Union and their community of awesome contributors. Recently, a Mozillian tweeted that Mozilla should release it’s Diversity Data. It is my understanding also that a discussion happened internally and for whatever reason a release of Mozilla’s diversity data did not entirely result although some numbers are available here.

Anyways, I’m now going to bring this suggestion up again and encourage that both Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation release individual diversity data reports in the form of some numbers, graphs and a blog post and perhaps a combined one of both orgs.

I would encourage other Mozillians to support the push for opening this data by sharing this blog post on the Social Media as an indicator of supporting Open Diversity Data publishing by Mozilla or by retweeting this.

I really think our Manifesto encourages us to support initiatives like this; specifically principle number two of our manifesto. If other companies (Kudos!) that are less transparent than Mozilla can do it then I think we have to do this.

Finally, I would like to encourage Mozilla to consider creating a position of VP of Diversity and Inclusion to oversee our various diversity and inclusion efforts and to help plan and create a vision for future efforts at Mozilla. Sure we have already people who kind of do this but it is not their full-time role.

Anyways that’s all I have on this…



  1. Robert Kaiser says

    I find data like that to be flawed by design. It’s even unclear how “diversity” is defined. Why is one “category” of people more or less important than another? Why focus on, say, female gender, in such a report? Why not on exact tones of skin color, shoe size, parents’ income, education level, or whatever? Is it a privacy issue to even expose those facts about your employees? In some countries it’s even forbidden to expose this data due to privacy concerns. I think even trying to divide up your employees by stats like that in public is disrespectful and a practice that should be stopped instantly.

    • says

      I do not think it is unclear how “diversity” is defined since its available in the dictionary which says “the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization”. So I agree that Open Diversity Data could include more than just gender and touch on things ethnicity or even other identifications but I think the easiest data to release happens to be gender data while ethnicity and other identifications people may not feel as safe providing to their employer.

      “Is it a privacy issue to even expose those facts about your employees?”

      As far as I know aggregate non-identifying data is not privacy issue at the scale of the companies the Open Diversity Data project is targeting. I also do not know of any laws in the U.S. or anywhere that prohibit employers from releasing this data in fact in the U.S. Mozilla has to release the data to the government in the form of an EEO report which I think might be requested as a public record.

      “I think even trying to divide up your employees by stats like that in
      public is disrespectful and a practice that should be stopped instantly.”

      I do not understand how it could be regarded as disrespectful and I imagine that a majority of employees would not find it disrespectful. Notably, I think the same data could be released on volunteers.

      Anyways just my two cents and some of this data has been released by HR already so clearly there are not issues of law. Just seeking a more full scope on numbers overall versus just the engineer numbers that were already released.