One Year of Release Management

Mozilla Release Management Team
Release Management Team

This month marks my one year anniversary contributing to the Release Management Team as a Early Feedback Community Release Manager and I was not sure how the experience would turn out at first. I have really enjoyed the last 12 months working on our Firefox Nightly release.

At our last work week in Portland, one of the things I asked for was more responsibility surrounding our release and going hands on with more tasks and this month I will start working on our Extended Support Release (ESR) with Lukas. Additionally, One of my Q3 goals is to firm up some documentation and ideas around pathways and on boarding new contributors.

I really have to thank Lukas for this great opportunity and for experimenting with this new pathway and I hope the other teams will look at this example and find similar ways to integrate contributors into their teams.

In closing, I am looking forward to working on ESR since it is a channel that actually releases directly to end users versus continuing down the release train. I’m also looking forward to continuing to share ideas on how we can continue to release quality software to end users.