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Benjamin Kerensa

Benjamin Kerensa is an internationally recognized open source evangelist, community manager, author and speaker with experience in systems administration, project management and open source development that spans a decade.

Kerensa is a Community Manager at OpenPhoto and on the Mozilla WebFWD and Thunderbird Teams where he evangelizes both projects. Additionally he contributes to the Mozilla Reps program where he helps grow the North America Mozilla Community.

In his spare time Kerensa champions social issues through activism and engagement in his region and is a board member for a non-profit organization and serves as an advisor to other groups.

Kerensa lives in Portland, Oregon.



  • College of the Redwoods, Crescent City, CA   – Computer Information Systems

Awards & Recognition

  • Western Oregon University, Certificate of Achievement for Contributions to Open Source Mentorship Program, 2013
  • SE Uplift Volunteer Spotlight 2013


Speaking Engagements


Speaking Events, Training, Workshops etc.


  • Intro to Xubuntu Troubleshooting at FreeGeek Technology Center (Portland, OR, USA)
  • Overview of Ubuntu and Free and Open Source Software – Clackamas County Library (Clackamas, OR)
  • Introduction to Ubuntu Bug Triage Webinar – Western Oregon University (Portland, OR)
  • Designing your project for participation – Mozilla Summit 2013 (Santa Clara, CA)
  • Mozilla Bird of Feather (BoF) – O’Reilly Open Source Convention (Portland, OR)


  • How To Multiply Your Community By A Factor Of X – O’Reilly Open Source Convention (Portland, OR, USA)
  • Community Leadership Summit 2012 (Portland, OR, USA)
  • Ubuntu Global Jam (PuppetLabs, Portland, OR)
  • Ubuntu Mentorship Program – Western Oregon University  (Portland, OR)


  • Ubuntu and WordPress – Portland WordPress User Group (Portland, OR, USA)




  • Ubuntu Global Jam 2012 (Portland, OR)
  • Ubuntu Bug Jam / Debian BSP 2012 (Portland, OR)
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party (Portland, OR)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 Release Party (Portland, OR)
  • Mozilla Booth @ LinuxFest Northwest 2013 (Bellingham, WA)
  • Firefox OS Hacker Lounge @ Open Source Bridge 2013 (Portland, OR)


  • Community Leadership Summit 2012 (Portland, OR)
  • Portland Winter Coders Social 2012 (Urban Airship, Portland, OR)
  • Southern California Linux Expo 11 Mozilla Booth (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Mozilla Summit 2013 (Santa Clara, CA)






“Benjamin Kerensa was instrumental on several levels in the completion of my research for my dissertation. I asked Benjamin if he could tell me where to find mentors for the Ubuntu community for my research. He graciously volunteered to organize a group of mentors, providing me with a list of awesome mentors for my students.  He also volunteered to be a mentor himself. He was a great asset to the students he mentored, finding projects for them, encouraging them, and giving them information on Ubuntu events. Benjamin also gave a virtual lesson in Google Hangout about how to participate in bug triage. Almost every one of my students listed this as one of the most important elements in becoming involved in the Ubuntu project. Benjamin is a great asset and a great example of the Ubuntu community. ”  - Becka Morgan, Assistant Professor, Western Oregon University


“one of a few Ubuntu “celebrities” that seem to bring a passion and energy to Ubuntu that few people can rival.” - Neil Oosthuizen, Ubuntu


“Ben has been a (if not the) driving force behind Ubuntu Oregon.” – Finn Herzfeld, Student, UW Bothell


“Ben has been a pivotal part of the team, a key player. He did a good job keeping the Global Jam running smoothly, and he shares his advice with those who would ask it. he spends a lot of his time contributing to the team, and making sure the team runs smoothly.” - Cody Smith, Student, Chemeketa


“He is an avid Ubuntu advocate who is technically proficient and great at communicating. I find him inspirational and look forward to working with him in the future.”  - Dan Smith, U.S. Army


“He is very personable and likes people, the sort of thing that fits well in Ubuntu’s Circle of Friends. His networking and publicity abilities are second to none.”  - Mark Terranova, Fedora Project


“Benjamin is one of the most charismatic people in open source and I enjoy reading his commentary on whats happening in various projects.” – Mehta, GNOME