On Community Sentiment

The LoCo Council released an interim report on their census efforts of Ubuntu LoCo Teams and the results were consistent with findings when I did a census of unapproved LoCo Team’s in the United States in 2012. When I did that health check, I found that most LoCos were either unresponsive or had less than […]

LoCo Map


Will Firefox Really Have Ads?

There has been a lot of sensational writing by a number of media outlets over the last 24 hours in reaction to a post by Darren Herman who is VP of Content Services. Lots of people have been asking me whether there will be ads in Firefox and pointing out these articles that have sprung […]

The Day We Fight Back!

Tomorrow is The Day We Fight Back and its good to know Mozilla is lending its name to support this day of action which focuses on restoring privacy and ending spying by intelligence agencies. You can signup and add the code or if you use WordPress install the plugin and help support TDWFB!

Privacy in the Digital Age

Firefox OS

Attending Scale12x

Where are you going to be next week? I know where I will be. I will be attending Scale12x (Southern California Linux Expo) in Los Angeles, CA. I will be there most of the week working with Casey and Joanna to man the Mozilla booth where we will be evangelizing Firefox OS. This is going […]