Unboxing The First Firefox OS Tablet

This is the clean little box the tablet comes in And let’s open the lid and see what’s inside… Look at that nice large display The back of the tablet is a soft matte feel so not slippery and has a camera This device comes with a special boot animation since its not a publicly […]


Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 12.57.12 AM

Reddit Scope Leaking User Queries

If you are currently using the Reddit Unity Scope on Ubuntu, you should consider disabling it. The reason for this is that a Reddit admin pointed out that Ubuntu user dash searches were ending up in Reddit’s server logs. This is happening because the Reddit Unity Scope uses a URL that does not have SSL […]

North America Mozilla Reps Meetup

This weekend, North America Mozilla Reps gathered in the not-so-sunny Portland, Oregon. We worked from the Portland Office during the weekend, where we collaborated on plans for North America for the next six month period. We also tackled a number of topics from websites and refined our priority cities which will help us be more […]


Ubuntu's Unity Home Search

Ubuntu Users Win Back Privacy

Ubuntu users and privacy advocates have won a big victory as Canonical’s Michael Hall announced yesterday that future versions of Unity will give users the option to opt-in to searches using online sources. Back in September 2012, I had reached out to both the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Free Software Foundation (FSF) and blogged […]