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How To Setup IPv6 on Ubuntu 12.04 with Tunnelbroker

This is a straightforward How To on setting up IPv6 using the Hurricane Electric Tunnelbroker and Ubuntu 12.04 (also works on 12.10)   1. Create a Free Tunnelbroker Account here. 2. Login and Create a Normal Tunnel 3. When creating the tunnel your endpoint will be your IPv4 address 4.  Then in terminal run “sudo […]



Ubuntu: Making Birds Talk

Our sabdfl Mark Shuttleworth recently announced 12.10 will be code named “Quantal Quetzal” and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS releases this week but I’m wondering what are the biggest changes you are hoping or looking forward to in 12.10? I’m sure the Q-Cycle will be full of witty GIMP work from the folks in Vancouver BC and perhaps some […]