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Why GoDaddy Downtime Emphasizes Need for Solid Web Hosting

In case you didn’t hear the news GoDaddy.com and millions of its customers website have experienced major downtime for their websites and e-mail as a result of an attack by someone affiliated with Anonymous. Hundreds of frantic customers have swarmed to technology news outlets such as Techcrunch, The Next Web and others to leave comments […]

Page Load Time Analysis with Torbit

Recently I installed a Torbit snippet to analyze load times for my website which I am constantly trying to improve by using a combination of techniques.I learned that my blog loads something awful slow for people in Finland and South Africa. I was really surprised to see just how slowly on average Mozilla Firefox loads my […]


Google Authorship

Google Authorship: Easiest Instructions for Independent Bloggers

If you blog using your own domain name like me then there is a straightforward simple process to setting up Google Authorship for your blog in just minutes. Google Authorship is a new initiative by Google which improves search results by showing the content authors photo and name in the results as you can see […]