Ubuntu at OSCON

I'm happy to announce that Ubuntu Oregon and members from Ubuntu California in cooperation with Canonical Ltd. will be manning a Ubuntu Booth at O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON)¬†July 22-26. This will mark Ubuntu Oregon's 4th Year of having a booth at OSCON and this year will be especially … Continue reading

Ubuntu is Community

Update: Canonical has released stats showing the removal of "Community" has resulted in a 1/3 drop-off in page views to the community related portion of the site including the links that get new contributors involved. So as many of you are aware the Ubuntu Canonical Design Team a few weeks … Continue reading

On Privacy and Unity

A few weeks back I exchanged e-mails with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (Canonical Legal and Richard Stallman) a non-profit organization that has always championed privacy of people worldwide. The intention behind these communications was part of a process to improve the coverage that OMG! … Continue reading