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Juju Deploy All The Services

This week I’m at OpenStack Summit 2013 in Portland, OR attending as an Active Technical Contributor and to talk to folks about deploying OpenStack with Juju or any of the 133 other services available in the Juju Charm Store. This year’s event has been very worthwhile for me so far with great presentations from a […]

Juju Deploy All The Services

Torrent Package Update Model

Package Updates over BitTorrent Protocol

The current model of receiving updates through a package manager/update manager relies on a client/server model whereas the client pings the update servers to see if updates are available and grabs them from the designated mirror. Time and time again this model has shown flaws including slow download speeds and high bandwidth and hardware costs. […]


GoGrid Tries to Charge Me $84.36 for 1 Hour 30 Minute Cloud Instance

Update: GoGrid’s Director of Customer Support reached me today and apologized for the handling of my request for substantiating the bill and we discussed how the problem occurred. GoGrid is refunding the statement so I will not be charged. So GoGrid sent me some blanket Advertising e-mail a few months back for a $100 promo […]